Manjunath talks about his experience working at TalenTeam

Tell us about your role, how long have you been with TalenTeam?

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Manjunath BK and I have worked for TalentTeam for more than three years. I joined in April 2019, and my role for TalentTeam is lead consultant. My main focus was handling the employee central module initially but since then I have expanded my role and experience by diving into other Success factors modules such as Onboarding 2.4 and Compensation management. “ “I also have nearly 10 years of experience in SAP Success factors with various HRIS implementations and support projects across multiple industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical and services.”

What are your aspirations for the role and who inspires you at TalenTeam?

I aspire to expand my skill set and technical skills into different models of Success Factors, I want to take it upon myself to understand how different modules interact with each other and exactly how the data flows between these modules and other third-party modules. My long-term goal is to become a Solutions Architect within the HR space. My inspiration at TalenTeam comes from the amazing people at TalenTeam, our managing director Sandeep is great at finding solutions to problems under pressure. Both my managers Dipesh and Umesh are very motivating to me they are not “managers” they are “people managers”!

Do you have a favourite quote?

I have two quotes I would like to share:

  • Be willing to be a beginner every morning. (be ready to learn something new each day)
  • Run behind Saraswati, not behind Lakshmi, once you achieve Saraswati automatically Lakshmi will follow you. (by running behind Saraswati (knowledge) you gain all the knowledge you need for Lakshmi (fortune) to follow you).


What are the 3-5 issues commonly found within your module?

  • Back dated Terminations in Offboarding 2.0 module. As per the standard design in Offboaridng2.0 we will not be able to do the Back dated terminations and complete the Offboarding process. By Tweaking the business rules to skip employee Review and Manage review we will be able still complete the Offboarding activities. 
  • Migration of job Requisitions from Picklists to MDF object values. By using Integration centre and Business rules, we migrated all the Picklist value-based Job requisitions to MDF based Job requisitions

What do you love most about your role?

Every day here at TalenTeam feels like a new challenge with new opportunities to learn, being a consultant enables me to always be working with new and different customers. Another aspect that I think TalenTeam does well is flexibility, we do a great job of planning and organising consultants' and customers' time which leads to a great work-life balance for employees here in Dubai!

All of these benefits have come from the company culture created by management here at TalenTeam who are constantly pushing me to try new things, this goal-oriented leadership has cascaded into the way we work with customers using realistic goals and timelines are used to manage the customer's expectations and provide the best service.

Lastly what I love about my role is the room to grow given to you by management and my own career goals are intertwined with the company goals, we are always being pushed to expand our brand through webinars, blogs and social media.