Rahul talks about his experience working at TalenTeam

How long have you been with TalenTeam, etc.?

My role at TalenTeam is as a Lead Recruiting Consultant and acting Recruitment Architect and with joy and pride, I can say it's been almost 3.5 years working at TalenTeam and i'll keep counting…

If you could switch your job with anyone else within TalenTeam whose job would you want and why?

For me this would be my manager Dipesh, he has a very challenging role performing multiple activities. Throughout the day he will be wearing different management hats to put his best foot forward for the team. The point is, I don't wish to switch with Dipesh’s role but I want my future role to be at that pace to learn and grow from that experience.

Do you have a favourite quote?

My favourite quote comes from my childhood and is an ancient adage that goes “ With great power comes great responsibility” Professionally we can all relate to this when beginning a new role or taking on a management role but for me, I use this quote more in my personal life. We all have the power to change the lives of loved ones around us for the better or for worse and this is the true meaning behind the responsibility I mention in my quote.

Three issues commonly found within your module?

  • The documents collected from a candidate in recruiting can not be transferred to Onboarding via the existing standard integration between these modules.
  • The job requisition templates do not support country-specific fields. Eg. For the professional template, if we need a set of fields only for Romania operations and other fields for Italy operations, then currently both the teams will see each other’s field on the requisition template and they can not be hidden from one another.
  • Blind recruiting isn’t possible to a big extent which is an ask commonly from many markets. This is scheduled in future releases and hopefully will help the customers for unbiased hiring.

What do you love most about your role?

The best thing about my role is the ever-changing challenges we face, I am always working with different people with varied mindsets and constantly changing processes. Our business is never one fit for all. Pre Covid travelling was a part of my role I enjoyed massively. The opportunity to see different parts of the world and try new experiences with new people is something we all strive for in a job!