Upcoming Events

March 24, 2023

SAPSuccessFactors Ask An Expert

Do you have questions about your SuccessFactors product(s) and don’t know where to find the answers? We have organised an open online forum for you to participate in with your queries. These sessions are segregated by topic and the respective subject matter experts will be available to get you the answers you need.

Past Events

October 12, 2022

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Symposium Lite

Learning Symposium Lite is dedicated to exploring new learning advancements to the SAP SuccessFactors and how it can create a powerful way for your organisation to execute an integrated talent development strategy.
September 13, 2022

SAP SuccessFactors Public Sector Forum 2022

SAP SuccessFactors Public Sector Forum brings organisations together in person to foster valuable connections, share best-practices and create a likeminded community focused on getting maximum value from SAP SuccessFactors.
December 21, 2021

SAP SuccessFactors Virtual Learning Integration with Microsoft Teams – Configuration Steps

As part of the H2 2021 SuccessFactors Release, SAP Released an integration with Microsoft Teams as a Virtual Learning System (VLS).
September 28, 2021

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Symposium 2022

Optimise your current strategies as you strive for a future-ready workforce in 2022. Join TalenTeam, SAP, and other external industry experts on 9th & 10th May. Get your questions answered and walk away with new ideas to implement around Learning!

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