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Increase Operating Margin with Optima from TalenTeam

Business Value

Today's financial services firms are facing increased shareholder pressure to increase operating margin while expanding their businesses. The biggest cost is people and therefore doing something to help support talent management & drive efficiency for people in their roles will have a big impact on profit margins.

Talent is an asset that must be carefully hired, nurtured, developed and measured. If the return on investment is not meeting the projection, then course corrections are required in an agile way, not at the end of a calendar year.

Why Now?

There are always risks for regulated firms in not meeting the requirements in the Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls sourcebook (SYSC) or the requirements contained in the FCA's Training and Competence sourcebook (TC). Additionally, the training and competence regime for FSMA-authorized (Financial Services & Markets Act 2000) has an immediate impact on regulated companies to have arrangements in place to make sure their employees are competent and compliant. Not being able to demonstrate compliance carries a high risk for loss of reputation and fines.

Why TalenTeam?

TalenTeam are a recognized expert for talent solutions and have also worked with many Financial Services firms to enable them to hire the best talent and onboard employees to be productive rapidly. We provide the right learning to the right people at the right moment.

Optima is TalenTeam’s unique Implementation Accelerator

Following our best practices based on many implementations in this industry, we have developed Optima that is quick and efficient. This minimises your effort to go live while still benefiting from a very good ‘fit’.

TalenTeam provides fast time to value with our packaged solution, Optima. Implementations with Optima are usually between 8 – 12 weeks.

And where tailored approach is needed, we are also still very accustomed with bespoke implementations.

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Some examples we can help you with

  • Do you want to accurately measure the cost of human capital employed, need this recorded in several metrics and in real time?
  • Do you want to benchmark the quality of your recruits within the first 90/180 days?
  • Do you want real-time feedback from freshly hired talent to maximise successful onboarding and staff retention?
  • Do you want to ensure the right training at the right time per individual based on capability and requirements for their role and career path?



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You can also check out the independent review site RavenIntel where you can find out what companies have said about TalenTeam after going live and beyond.

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