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Business Value

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IoT, advances in Robotics, 3-D printing, cloud computing and data analytics are all changing manufacturing. There is a lot of new technology out there and many manufacturing companies have adopted some or several of these. This technological tsunami is also referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.

It appears people are of less importance, but this is not certainly not the case. No business can thrive without good people driving the company forward. How do you find and keep tech-savvy employees with all of these new innovations? You can recruit. Younger tech workers are often motivated by perks beyond salary. Many seek careers that provide a sense of personal fulfillment, so make a clear link between the job role and your company’s greater purpose. But companies should not just focus on finding new employees. Your current workforce already knows your processes and pain points best, so it pays to invest in training and ensuring the training is engaging. Recruiting and training people are two vital things to focus on as new innovations are introduced and evolve.

Talent is an asset that must be carefully hired, nurtured, developed and measured.

Why Now?

Employees need to be sourced or trained to do jobs that did not exist 5 years ago. One of the biggest costs is hiring and training employees. Optimising Talent Management to drive efficiencies for people in their roles is key if you want to fully benefit from the investments that are spent on new technology. Employees need to be given every opportunity to adapt and thrive and that requires a platform to facilitate your people processes from hire to retire as well as an implementation partner that has the experience to advise and support you.

Why TalenTeam?

TalenTeam specialises in delivering modern Learning Management Systems that not only capture internal learning but also external training. And in order to deliver a holistic learning experience we further this by enabling employees to share, collaborate & recommend content so they can help each other be competent for their current and future roles in the company. Succession and Development helps cultivate a pipeline of talent. Recruiting, Onboarding, Training and Succession are all important steps in the process. Good new recruits are getting harder and harder to find and you cannot have them join you without making sure they feel welcome and connected and are able to interact real time with colleagues from day one.

TalenTeam are a recognized expert for talent solutions and we have worked with many manufacturing companies to enable them to hire and retain the best talent, onboard employees to be productive rapidly by providing the right learning content to the right people at the right time. We consult, implement and support your people processes from hire to retire.

Optima is TalenTeam's unique Implementation Accelerator

Following our best practices based on many implementations in this industry, we have developed Optima that is quick and efficient. This minimises your effort to go live while still benefiting from a very good ‘fit’.

TalenTeam provides fast time to value with our packaged solution, Optima. Implementations with Optima are usually between 8 – 12 weeks.

And where tailored approach is needed, we are also still very accustomed with bespoke implementations.

Some examples we can help you with

  • With an average age of highly skilled workers of 56 and nearly a quarter of the skilled worker base retiring over the next decade, HR must find ways to replenish the human capital needed. You want to attract top STEM talent and you want applying for roles to be easy. To compete with other industries that are vying for the same talent you need to offer an attractive interface and platform for millennials.
  • Your company invests heavily in training every year but finds there are too many different resources. You want a more holistic approach yet also ensure optimised training per individual, based on capability and requirements for their role. You want to enable your talent to be as productive and confident in their responsibilities as possible. TalenTeam offer a state-of-the-art learning management system.
  • You want to benchmark your workforce in many different ways and need a platform that is capable of always delivering the very latest in analytics
  • You recognize that it is good for both business and employees to be able to have real time interaction and feedback.
  • Work – Life balance, connectivity, constant feedback, dynamic collaboration, a level playing field for career progression and compensation are all must-haves for the next generation of workers and you want to leverage the most feature rich and scalable solution available.


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