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Business Value

Demand for pharmaceuticals and innovative medicines will increase, driven by a growing and ageing population. At the same time, Artificial Intelligence is maturing - turning the hype into real use cases.

The predictive and analytic powers of AI enable companies to make smarter, faster, and more strategic decisions. AI will increase drug development efficiency by not wasting research efforts, for example creating alternative hypotheses for trials by discovering more data to enable drug repurposing. Developments that add pressure to the essential need for pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, and life sciences companies to comply and abide. To keep up with the global & local laws, codes and regulations and make sure employees are ready to face these changes.

Why Now?

Optimising talent management, to drive effectiveness for people in their roles has a huge impact on anorganisation’s ability to adapt and thrive. Employees need to be sourced or trained for jobs that did not exist 5 years ago. One of the biggest costs is hiring and training employees and it is vital to organise these processes, underpinned by a solid platform. Validated Learning, recording and tracking mandatory training or required competencies requires specialist expertise for the necessary arrangements to be in place for employees to be capable and automatically flag up if this is not the case. Pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, and life sciences companies must meet validation requirements or face potential loss of reputation and fines.

Why TalenTeam?

TalenTeam have worked with many pharmaceutical companies and are a recognized expert for talent and learning solutions. Our expertise is highly sought after and valued in companies across the globe. Our Consultants are experts when it comes to the specific regulatory requirements related to Learning that play a big part in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some examples we can help you with

  • Do you follow GxP procedures and need a Validated Learning Management System to manage compliance?
  • Do you want to make sure that employees are not only productive as quickly as possible but also optimally engaged as you want to improve on KPI’s for staff turnover and per employee investment?
  • Do you want to benchmark the quality of your recruits within the first 90/180 days?
  • Do you want to ensure the right training at the right time per individual based on capability and requirements for their role and career path?

Optima is TalenTeam's unique Implementation Accelerator

Following our best practices based on many implementations in this industry, we have developed Optima that is quick and efficient. This minimises your effort to go live while still benefiting from a very good ‘fit’.

TalenTeam provides fast time to value with our packaged solution, Optima. Implementations with Optima are usually between 8 – 12 weeks.

And where tailored approach is needed, we are also still very accustomed with bespoke implementations.

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