Professional Services

A great Service starts with providing the right tools for your staff to succeed

Business Value

In a recent report 65% of executives stated that their organisation had to turn down work in the last 12 months, as they lacked the necessary resources and skills to deliver that work, up from just 35% in a 2017 report.

Another recent report suggested that companies failing to adopt flexible working conditions were driving away female talent in droves – so in a bid to tackle their shortage of human resources, some firms are resorting to using flexible work conditions and outsourcing the talents of independents for individual cases. Additionally challenging; client expectations are increasing. Clients now expect more value, higher quality of work, and a faster delivery of solutions and services. Everything boils down to making the most of your talent.

Why Now?

Employees need to be sourced or trained to do jobs that lead to increasing client satisfaction. One of the biggest cost is hiring and training employees. Optimising Talent Management to drive efficiencies for people in their roles has a big impact on the delivery of Professional Services and the ability to adapt and thrive. LMS enables employees to be competent for their current and future assignments. Recruiting, Onboarding, Training and Succession are crucial enablers while Compensation enables a transparent level playing field. Succession and Development helps cultivate a pipeline of talent.

Why TalenTeam?

TalenTeam are a recognized expert for talent solutions and we have worked with many firms to enable them to hire and retain the best talent, onboard employees to be productive rapidly by providing the right learning content to the right people at the right time. We consult, implement and support your people processes from hire to retire.

Some examples we can help you with

  • How do you make sure your company culture is a strong binding/engagement factor for your staff?
  • How do you enable your talent to not only be productive and confident in their role but also to minimize staff turnover and maximise per employee profit?
  • How do you benchmark the quality of your recruits within the first 90/180 days?
  • How important is being able to incorporate external training into your LMS?
  • How do you ensure the right training per individual, based on capability and requirements for their role?

Optima is TalenTeam’s unique Implementation Accelerator

Following our best practices based on many implementations in this industry, we have developed Optima that is quick and efficient. This minimises your effort to go live while still benefiting from a very good ‘fit’.

TalenTeam provides fast time to value with our packaged solution, Optima. Implementations with Optima are usually between 6 – 10 weeks.

And where tailored approach is needed, we are also still very accustomed with bespoke implementations.


TalenTeam would be delighted to organise a demonstration for you.

Don’t take our word for it

We understand everyone needs to do their due diligence and welcome any queries you may have. Of course, we will be happy to facilitate a customer reference call.

You can also check out the independent review site RavenIntel where you can find out what companies have said about TalenTeam after going live and beyond.

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