To keep your customers coming back for more, you need to provide a unique and superb customer experience. And that means having the right people.

Business Value

The majority of shoppers prefer face-to-face interaction with knowledgeable, helpful salespeople. Enabling retailers to tailor to this preference requires specific training in combination with mobile social interaction.

Shopping is shifting, from simply buying to a consumer experience. In a recent article Forbes said great customer experience is determined by higher Employee Engagement and a deep understanding of the customer experience. As the face of retail and its workforce changes, the recruiting, onboarding and learning needs in the retail sector are changing too, and fast. Retail is under increasing pressure to reform often it is even a matter of survival. Especially if survival is at stake, what is more important than the people the business is built on and depends on?

Talented people are an asset that must be carefully hired, nurtured, and developed. If your hires are not meeting expectations, course corrections are required in an agile and continuous way. Not at the end of the month but weekly and daily.

With the increase of millennials comes a generation that demands this constant connectivity.

Why Now?

New generations of sales associates and store managers are constantly connected via mobile. Most millennial workers use a smartphone to access internal blogs, wikis or social networks for work purpose compared with thirty- two percent in other age groups. Millennials expect constant feedback. Happy employees means happy customers.

Why TalenTeam?

TalenTeam are a recognised expert for talent solutions and have 15 years of experience implementing SAP SuccessFactors enabling customers to source and hire the best talent, onboard employees to be productive rapidly whilst providing a rich relevant learning experience to the right employee at the right moment in time.

Some examples we can help you with

  • Do you want to make sure your employees are engaged and have the right skills?
  • Do you need new recruits to get up to speed fast and deliver on their potential?
  • Do you want to ensure the right training per individual, based on requirements for their role?
  • Do you want your workforce to easily share success stories and find solutions across all stores?

Optima is TalenTeam’s unique Implementation Accelerator

Following our best practices based on many implementations in this industry, we have developed Optima that is quick and efficient. This minimises your effort to go live while still benefiting from a very good ‘fit’.

TalenTeam provides fast time to value with our packaged solution, Optima. Implementations with Optima are usually between 8 – 12 weeks.

And where tailored approach is needed, we are also still very accustomed with bespoke implementations.


TalenTeam would be delighted to organise a demonstration for you.

Don’t take our word for it

We understand everyone needs to do their due diligence and welcome any queries you may have. Of course, we will be happy to facilitate a customer reference call.

You can also check out the independent review site RavenIntel where you can find out what companies have said about TalenTeam after going live and beyond.

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