A Typical Content
Development Process:

  • Content vendors develop the content and then send to the customer
  • Customer uploads the content and conducts testing
  • Customer invariably faces integration issues which results into a back and forth with the content vendor including debates on whether content is compliant or the LMS has issues making it very difficult to pin point the issue

This process usually takes up 3 to 4 weeks for any content that faces an issue.

Our SuccessFactors Solution

A Unique Content Testing Platform

  • The content vendors gets access to a SuccessFactors instance so that they can start to test the content while they are in development
  • Content Vendors are then able to deliver the content to the customer that works on first try saving both content vendors and the customer – time, effort, resource and costs and the ability to deploy courses faster
  • The service also provides content vendors with a test guideline, troubleshooting tips and a checklist that they would usually fill and submit to customer before delivering content
  • And Finally, you don’t have to give the content vendor access to your environment which usually holds sensitive employee data

Our Content testing platform provides content vendors access to a SuccessFactors instance resulting in a better quality deliverable.

  • SuccessFactors instance with User, Admin and Mobile Access
  • Dedicated premium content support person
  • Checklists for content testing
  • SuccessFactors content creation guidelines
  • Job aids and Guides to use SuccessFactors application
  • Peace of mind and increased ROI
  • JAM Community with a knowledge base and to collaborate with experts
  • Own domain and catalog to ensure content is secure and not accessible by others

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