SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft

Help learners meet their goals with an intelligent digital learning experience from SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft.

Combining SAP SuccessFactors Learning with SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft delivers an immersive learning experience and engages users with top-quality curated content on a range of topics in different formats. SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft integrates seamlessly to enable a uniform user experience. Users can benefit from an enhanced anywhere, anytime learner experience that simplifies the content management responsibilities of administrators and enhances learners’ ability to achieve their growth goals.

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Key Benefits

  • Allow your learners to consume content in ways that make sense for them, including videos, books, practise activities, audiobooks and more
  • Accelerate learning with 24/7 access and a mobile app so that learning can happen anywhere, anytime, and on any device
  • Curate and host custom content to deliver company specific training and meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Motivate learners with courses for every step of their career by offering prescriptive content to develop new skills and advance career
  • Access highly visual dashboards that demonstrate impact and how learning activity supports business objectives

Key Features

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