The challenge of achieving a best HXM infrastructure represents a journey rather than a destination. Consistently shifting business requirements challenge organisations to continually evolve in order to keep pace with this near constant change. Success of your SAP SuccessFactors solution is not determined at go-live but is decided by your ability to continually realise value from the solution.

That’s why here at TalenTeam we created the SuccessFactors Health Check methodology. This service provides a comprehensive current state report card and recommendations for improving your organisation’s use of SAP SuccessFactors applications to help maximise your investment and support your HR teams for future change. This service is delivered by TalenTeam’s expert consultants who help align and optimise your environment with your organisation’s latest strategies and processes.

Who should consider a SuccessFactors health check?

Whether resolving existing high-priority issues or simply improving upon past successes, there are many scenarios where a SuccessFactors Health Check can add substantial value to your HXM deployment. Some of the most common examples include:

You would like to automate a manual process

You would like to re-evaluate existing configuration and processes

You have issues that you cannot resolve with existing support

You have new system requirements

You would like to enable previously unused functionality

And more…

SuccessFactors Health Check key benefits

  • Roadmap with prioritised concerns and resolutions
  • Extensive Health Check report card
  • Alignment with SAP SuccessFactors future roadmap strategy
  • Improved productivity
  • Better IT efficiency
  • Aligned application platform with current and future business needs

The long-term management of a system can be challenging. TalenTeam has worked with many different and unique organisations to optimise their SAP SuccessFactors environments and achieve sustainable results.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to ensure that your HXM technology infrastructure is ready to address your long-term goals. Contact us to know more about our SuccessFactors Health Check service.