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Enables quick implementation with a simplified helping reduce effort, time and cost without losing focus on customer need.


Engage and take control from the start of the process using a simple methodology and go-live in around 12 weeks.


Working from a defined scope, the client has the reassurance of a fixed price

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Optima Employee Central

Manage your people locally including all types of workers such as full-time and part-time employees, interns and apprentices, and external contributors such as contractors and agency workers and integrate core data with talent and business processes for better insight, strategic decision making, and, ultimately, better business performance.

Optima Recruitment

Source, engage, and hire the world’s best talent with line-of-site analytics to provide intelligence and guidance along the entire process – from sourcing and candidate experience to applicant and offer management. Ensure that recruiting gets the best talent in the door effectively and quickly.

Optima Onboarding

Improve first-year retention and reduces ramp time by focusing on three key areas - Connecting People, Clear Processes to reduce manual intervention and increasing Productivity.

Optima Learning Management

Improve employee skills, reduce compliance risk, and effectively train external learning audiences. Optima Learning provides innovative capabilities that help create a culture of continuous learning, flexible and open approaches to supporting learning content, and proven business results at organisations around the world.

Optima Succession

Minimise risk by developing the talent you need to achieve today’s business goals while providing the visibility and planning capabilities necessary to support future growth.

Optima Performance and Goals

Ensure strategy and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance through ongoing coaching and feedback, and accurately evaluate and recognise top talent.

Optima Compensation

Enable compensation professionals, business leaders, and managers to align compensation programs with business objectives and features a unique set of capabilities to help you model and manage competitive compensation programs and motivate your workforce.

Optima JAM

Deliver secure collaboration where you work. Break down barriers between teams, eliminate information silos, and bring social tools into any business process.

Is your company considering a cloud-based HR Management System that is quick and cost-effective?