SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

With SAP SuccessFactors, you’ll be able to more easily measure individual employee contributions. You’ll be equipped to decide who you want to retain, reward, or single out for targeted development.

We can equip you with the in-depth employee performance information you need to retain, reward, and develop your best people.

  • Identify your best workers – Gain real-time, actionable insight into employee performance across your organization.
  • Revolutionize your performance review process – Complete reviews more quickly and easily plus slash much of the time and costs associated with cumbersome paper-based processes.
  • Bring workforce performance to the next level – Transform your standard review process into a dynamic feedback loop between managers, subordinates, and peers.
  • Boost compliance – Create an audit trail of discoverable documents to ensure the legality of reviews plus comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations.
  • Install a true meritocracy – Motivate employees by creating a pay-for-performance culture at your company.

Having the people at TalenTeam – who really understood our infrastructure and our restrictions of being a financial institution – really helped. To have business experts that knew the product inside and out, that knew its constraints and how we could overcome them, how we could tailor things, that made all the difference.

Valerie McCrory, HR Learning Specialist