What is SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development?


With SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development you can harness the full potential of your workforce to drive organizational growth and achieve your business goals. This comprehensive solution provides the visibility and tools you need to identify, develop, and retain top talent while minimizing risks and ensuring seamless succession.

Strategic Succession 

What are some key SuccessFactors
Succession and Development capabilities?

Minimize Organizational Risks

Proactively identify and address talent gaps to minimize the risk of poor business execution and ensure a strong foundation for success.

Ensure Seamless Talent Continuity

Develop a robust pipeline of internal talent to seamlessly fill critical roles and maintain business continuity across your organization.

Leverage Actionable Workforce Insights

Make data-driven decisions by analyzing your organization's talent supply and demand, gaining valuable insights to optimize talent management strategies.

Optimize Succession Planning

Assess the effectiveness of your SAP SuccessFactors succession planning with ease, measuring their impact on business outcomes through customizable reports and intuitive dashboards.

Foster Continuous Growth and Engagement

Empower your employees to reach their full potential, advance their careers, and enhance their skills through personalized development plans, fostering a culture of continuous learning and engagement.

By focusing on career development and aligning it with professional development goals, SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development enables you to create a culture of growth and advancement. With its comprehensive approach to employee development & succession planning, you can ensure that your organization is prepared for the future while optimizing talent management strategies.

Experience the Power of SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development and revolutionize your talent strategy. Take your organization to new heights with a workforce that is ready to conquer the challenges of tomorrow!

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