SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics

Improve business decisions with trusted intelligence and benefit from the technology and expertise of a global leader in people analytics and business intelligence solutions to accelerate your organisation’s understanding of Big Data in HR and use workforce data strategically.

HR Metrics:

Human Resource (HR) metrics are measurements used to determine the value and effectiveness of HR initiatives, typically including such areas as turnover, training, return on human capital, costs of labor, and expenses per employee.

Drive fact-based business decisions with powerful workforce insights

SAP makes workforce analytics simple and accessible for HR professionals, analysts, and business partners so they can quickly and accurately answer key questions about your workforce and influence talent and business decisions being considered by your managers and executives.

SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for the future. It helps increases the effectiveness of HR through a comprehensive library of more than 2,000 standard metrics, industry benchmarks, and HR best practices that help measure the things that matter.

Workforce Analytics improves decision making by helping companies find answers to key questions about workforce challenges and provides guidance to help solve them. Answers that can help drive successful workforce initiatives.