BLEND - Learning Experience Platform

Connect your employees to a world class Learning Experience Platform which blends together the best of SuccessFactors Learning, SAP JAM and any External Learning library into a single destination

What is BLEND?

BLEND add-on transforms JAM/Learning into a world-class LXP Platform utilising the infrastructure and functions of the system you already trust.

Key Features

User Experience and Interface

  • Welcome message for the logged in user
  • Personalized user experience by providing a consumer grade user experience
  • Heavily configurable widgets available to support different learning requirements
  • Cross browser and Cross platform

User Personalisation

Allow your users to select topics of interest and present relevant and trending content from all aggregated content sources.

  • Connect any number of sources – Internal or External
  • User see fresh content every time they log in – Based on trending score
  • Ability to share and recommend to colleagues or in groups
  • Dismiss learning that is not relevant

Smart Recommendations

  • Peer to Peer, Admin Pushed and Intelligent recommendations from LMS and SAP JAM
  • Recommendations based on preferred topics with a rating of 4 or above
  • Recommendations based on recent completions, what’s trending in users’ network, recent searches, shares and much more

Integrated with SuccessFactors Learning

  • Learning Plan with direct links to Learning Items
  • All enrolled and upcoming Events (Scheduled Offerings)
  • Learning History with Direct Links and Curricula Status

Catalog Search with Rich Content Library

  • Resources, Not Just Courses - Present content from multiple content sources in Single Catalog
  • User access is available to content libraries like TED, YouTube, edx, LinkedIn Learning and the web
  • Platform offers a holistic Catalog combining all important sources of learning

Content Integration and Management

  • Connect, Import and Integrate external content libraries, providers and resources to provide a rich learning experience to your learners
  • Create a single digital ecosystem that connects each component of your L&D strategy, together

Content Curation Engine Powered by Anders Pink

BLEND comes with Anders Pink Integration which allows administrators to dynamically aggregate content from millions of sources around the web.

Get exactly what you want: You choose the topics, keywords, sites, RSS feeds and Twitter influencers.

  • Allow admins to curate content - Find, filter and share the most relevant content on specific topics
  • Allows admins to control and connect specific SAP JAM groups to specific topic-based content with the ability to choose the frequency and Volume
  • Bring fresh content into your SAP JAM/LMS experience to support your learners – presented in a variety of widgets and styles to suit your need

Playlist/Learning Paths

Learning pathway is a chosen route, taken by a learner through a range of learning activities, which allows them to build knowledge progressively. With learning pathways, the control of choice moves away from the tutor to the learner.

  • Ability to Access/Create/Manage Playlist
  • Any content from BLEND (all content providers + LMS + JAM) can be added to a playlist
  • Admin Created Playlists - Ability for users to adopt


Dashboard with Learning Statistics on:

  • Count of Upcoming courses and Completed Courses
  • Total time spent learning in the past 12 months
  • Curricula Completion Status
  • Total Points Earned

Reporting and Analytics

  • End User Reporting -Compliance Dashboard, Learning Statistics
  • Detailed Admin Reporting Capabilities – Data Extracts and Dashboards
  • Content Statistics (Liked/Shared/Accessed etc.)
  • User Activity Statistics

Learning Experience Manager (xAPI) (Additional Add-on Feature)

  • A Browser Extension which allows employees to record any external web-based event – Like Videos, Articles, Blogs and much more with a single click and send it to SuccessFactors (LMS) history or share with colleagues in SAP JAM
  • A Learning Record Store (LRS) which receives and stores xAPI Statements
  • A smart link generator which allows you to create URLs which can are capable of sending xAPI statements to the LRS once clicked by end users

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