With LearnEx, combine SAP SuccessFactors industry-leading Learning solution and Shopify's e-commerce capabilities. Commericialise your content offering for your extended enterprise by creating a personalised and engaging shopfront.


Make Your Learning Offering Commercial with LearnEx

LearnEx revolutionises your extended enterprise training by removing many of the technical and deployment hurdles you are currently facing when rolling out training programs outside the employee base. Provide a modern, simple, and comprehensive learning marketplace and ensure your external ecosystem are engaging with learning offerings in a way that suits them.

Extend Learning to Customers, External Communities and Partners

LearnEx makes it easy for you to sell your courses through your Shopify storefront. When an SAP SuccessFactors Learning account is connected to a Shopify account, the courses from that account can be selected for use as products on the corresponding Shopify account.

Enjoy Powerful E-commerce Possibilities

Once courses become available as products in your storefront, you can start to enjoy all the e-commerce possibilities. Personalise your shopfront, optimise your site for search engines, offer credit card payments, enable discounts, support multi currencies and more.

Create Fast and Easy Shopping Experience For Your Ecosystem

LearnEx delivers an Amazon-like experience that attracts and retains audience. This means that not only are web pages optimised for search engines, but content is presented in beautifully designed personalised and engaging pages, making it fast and easy to shop.


LearnEx is a full featured commerce system leveraging the Shopify e-commerce platform, with SAP SuccessFactors Learning working behind the scenes to manage your courseware.

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