Learning Experience Manager (xAPI)

Track Learning for any external web-based event – like Videos, Articles, Blogs and much more with a single click and record learning history in SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) and share in JAM


What percentage of learning experiences are delivered through formal training? And what percentage comes from e-learning courses? Not much.

When your employees want to learn something, where do they go? Apart from going to your LMS in search of that perfect computer-based training, employees tend to use a variety of other sources like Google, YouTube, Twitter or even to a peer. Sometimes Employees may even sign up for a class. Why then limit the experiences that can be tracked to just formal e-learning courses?

Our External Learning Experience Management app changes all of that. Learning happens everywhere. Even reading a web page is a relevant learning experience, and with our app, we can record it, report it and enhance it.


  • A Learning Record Store (LRS) which is a data store system that serves as a repository for learning records collected from connected systems where learning activities are conducted.
  • An xAPI receiver capable to receiving xAPI statement from other 3rd party sources.
  • A Web and Mobile client which allows employees to record external learning. It is integrated with your SuccessFactors LMS/JAM and allows your employees to capture and/or share any learning which takes place outside of your Learning Management System (for example: watching a Tedtalk video).
  • SMARTLINKs generator – Which allows you to convert any URL which you are placing on your intranet to a URL which can send xAPI statements to the Learning records store.


  • Capture all Experiences: Experiences matter. People learn in many places, doing many things. Applications facilitate learning in vast and varied ways. The learning experience manager makes it possible for all of these activities and experiences to be collected and shared, and to be made more relevant for the learner. By making all types of activities trackable and sharable, relevance is built in wider markets and with dissimilar applications.
  • Better understand learning and its impact: You can better track the learning activities that already happen in your organization, including those that were impossible to track with older interoperability specifications. You can build a better picture of what learning is happening in your organisation and the impact of that learning on your business.
  • Improve your learning solutions: Information about what learning activities works best in the organisation leads to a better informed and more effective learning solution. Removing the limitations of older e-learning standards also frees you to make better use of modern social and mobile technologies.
  • Security: The biggest win xAPI brings to your IT department is the ability to more easily bring new technologies into the L&D ecosystem without costly integration projects.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Data Measurement and Evaluation capabilities
  • CSV export of All Data and Standard reporting
  • Standard Dashboards

The Magic of xAPI

In SCORM, the “thing reporting a result about a learning experience” always had to be the experience itself. You had a SCO that was both a piece of educational content and a communicator of data about the learning experience. Content had to be smart. Content had to be intentionally converted to enable SCORM functionality. xAPI removes the requirement that the communicator of data be the educational experience itself. Now we have our “Send Statement” Extension of your browser as the data communicator and all of the web can be harnessed as educational content.

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