LMS Administrator Toolkit

An SAP cloud application with 4 great features to support your LMS Admins

Key Features

Bulk Import External Users for SITES

Business Case: The current external users management system in LMS for SITES does not allow any import/bulk import of users by Admins. The tool requires employees to create their own account, which sometimes may not be ideal if the volume of these external users is high and there is need to manage the process centrally.

Solution: The Application allows external users to be bulk imported and attached to SITES allowing admins to save time and have more control over the process.

Bulk Import External Learning Events History in SuccessFactors LMS

Business Case: Currently in SuccessFactors LMS, the Learning history for an External Event can be recorded either by the user, manager or Admin using the Record Learning>External Events feature. However, this method does not allow for any bulk upload of history, it is a manual (one record at a time) process.

Solution: Our Solution gives admins a bulk import tool to import learning history for external events making the process efficient and streamlined.

Bulk Merge Users in LMS

Business Case: In SuccessFactors LMS, there is a currently a functionality which allows 2 user records to be merged. This is very useful method to combine learning history of 2 records. However, the merge process can only be done manually – one record at a time.

Solution: The application supports a bulk merge feature, where multiple Source User IDs and Destination User IDs can be mapped in a csv import file and then imported in the system, thus allowing admins to save time and improve efficiency.

Assign Course(s) on Failure

Business Case: The LMS supports assignment of courses on completion of a course, however there is sometimes a need to assign course on failure of a course to give relevant training which can help fill the gap.

Solution: With this application, you can easily assign courses on failure.

Control Admin Access to the Tools

Using Role Based Permission model of SuccessFactors and with Templates available for import. The admin console also records the configuration settings for the APP itself.

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