Curated Content for LMS and JAM

Bring Curated Content to your learners in SAP JAM and LMS

Key Features

The Modern Learner is Demanding

Traditionally organisational learning has focused on creating content based on centrally identified skills and competencies. This has usually been in the form of a classroom or eLearning course.

However, modern learners have different requirements and expectations. Research shows that learners prefer informal, on-demand learning experiences such as professional communities and web-based resources over formal, fixed and course-based ones.

The Power of Content Curation and Aggregation

Curated content is a method to find, filter and share the most relevant content on specific topics and offer it to learners as an online tool or through a portal or platform.


  • Aggregate the Best Content on Web: With Content curation, you can gather and organize all relevant content including websites/RSS/Tweets/Videos and help your learners access them all in one place.
  • Fresh Content Daily: Users get a fresh update of the content daily, so it stays fresh and dynamic, with less effort for you.
  • Extensive Resources: Content aggregator sites crawl millions of sites from across the web, not limited to RSS feeds or a few sources, so you see relevant articles on blogs or smaller sites, not just news sites.
  • Advanced Filters: Specify and add domains to get the latest any topic. Some aggregator sites also allow you to add Twitter influencers and bring in what they are sharing on specific topics. Filter by keywords so you see just what you need.
  • Cost Effective: There’s a huge amount of free, public domain content out there on the web. By curating it for and with your audiences, you can respond to their continuous learning needs at a fraction of the cost of developing or licensing courses.

Make SAP JAM and LMS a Brimming Ecosystem

  • Get the content you want, updated every few hours
  • Bring fresh content into your SAP JAM and LMS experience to support your learners
  • Remove the need to constantly monitor SAP JAM and LMS - Your content updates every few hours, so you learners don’t miss what matters to them
  • Make your SAP JAM groups come alive with topic based, relevant and carefully curated content


  • Curate Content and Display in SuccessFactors Homepage – Custom Tile

SuccessFactors Learning

  • SuccessFactors Learning – Custom Tile
  • Item/Curricula/Program Cover Pages to facilitate topic-based curation.


  • Connect Specific JAM groups to Specific content from Anders Pink based on topics, providers etc
  • Ability to send content to JAM Homepage Feed
  • Ability to send content to JAM group Feed
  • Ability to Display content in a Group (standard and custom Widget)
  • Ability to display content in JAM Home (custom widget)

Available in 3 Versions

  • QURATE BASIC for SuccessFactors LMS
  • QURATE ADVANCED for with BLEND Learning Experience Platform

Powered by Anders Pink

Anders Pink is an award-winning content curation tool. It is built to make content curation for learning easier, better managed, and integrated into the tools and platforms our clients and partners already use.

Anders Pink dynamically aggregates content from millions of sources. Get exactly what you want with your choice of topics, keywords, sites, RSS feeds and Twitter influencers.

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