SAP SuccessFactors LMS Integration with Salesforce

Make Learning and Development part of your sales culture by integrating training in everyday Sales Activities in Salesforce

Key Features

Training at Point-of-Need

Our Salesforce integration with SuccessFactors can help perfectly align your business objectives to your training requirements by combining the functionality of two world leading solutions for learning and customer relationship management.

Build high-performance sales and service teams and engage and empower your customers and partners with Point of need training within Salesforce.

Embedded Learning

SuccessFactors LMS for Salesforce integration extends the power of the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud to enhance your Salesforce Investment.

Training for Employees, Customers, and Partners

Directly from Salesforce, deploy high-powered training and onboarding programs for sales and service teams and partners and customers. Target specific content and courses based on opportunity records.

HR and Compliance Training

  • Access Upcoming Training
  • Access Catalog Search and the ability to recommend
  • Courses based on globally defined keywords
  • Access Completed Training
  • Access Curricula Status

Sales Support and Assets

  • For Leads – recommended training is based on global keywords
  • For Accounts and Opportunities – Recommended training is based on defined learning keywords, product name and name of account/opportunity

Case Management

  • Recommend training for cases based on globally defined keywords

Extended enterprise (partners/customer training etc.)

  • Access upcoming training for contacts
  • Access Learning history of contacts
  • Search Catalog and Assign course to contacts
  • Access Curricula status of Contacts

Track Curricula and Completions

Certify employee, sales and partner knowledge while ensuring compliance standards are met with Salesforce.

Smart Training Recommendations

Recommend training based on keywords, Product name and Opportunity name.

Accelerate Productivity

Increase user adoption and accelerate productivity by delivering targeted learning without having to leave the Salesforce application.

About the Integration

  • The integration is Mobile ready and is available in Salesforce classic and Lightning.
  • Utilizes the development framework which provides the benefits of native Sales Force capabilities.
  • Utilizes Direct Links within SuccessFactors to take the user to the necessary pages
  • It is a live integration – The data is updated in both systems (SuccessFactors and Salesforce).
  • Requires Single Sign on to be in place with SuccessFactors.

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