SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

To attract, motivate, and retain a highly skilled, diverse, and global workforce when budget resources are scarce, organizations need to take a more strategic approach to compensation planning and management.

When integrated with the broader talent management strategy, compensation can engage employees, ignite better performance, improve execution, and ensure retention of top talent.

  • True Pay-for-Performance Culture – Provide a clear linkage for employees between their compensation and your performance expectations.
  • Improved Retention – Recognize employees for a job well done using variable pay and other proven methods. So your top performers stay happy – and more likely to stay with your company.
  • Budget Optimization – Run “what-if” scenarios and instantly see how increasing merit pay to your best employees would impact your budget.
  • Cost Savings – Save your business thousands every year by making sure you’re not unfairly compensating those employees who fall short in their efforts to help your company achieve its key objectives.
  • Visibility – Streamline and simplify compensation planning, provide visibility and insight for total compensation management, including Total Rewards Statements.
  • Run Comprehensive, Secure and Accurate Compensation Process – Assess, validate and report on multiple data components and calculations at each step to detect discrepancies.