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Talent Intelligence Hub

Discover the game-changing advantage of gaining deep insights into people's capabilities, interests, and aspirations. By understanding individual traits like team strengths, work styles, passions, and motivations, get ready to ignite your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With Talent Intelligence Hub, elevate work experiences, unlock personalised upskilling and reskilling opportunities, and foster high-performing teams. Embrace the transformative potential of truly valuing and understanding your people, revolutionising learning, talent development, and unleashing remarkable growth.

Skill-Centric Innovation to Build Your Future-Ready Workforce

Introduction to Talent Intelligence Hub

Skill-Centric Innovation to Build Your
Future-Ready Workforce

Introduction to Talent Intelligence Hub

Talent Intelligence Hub connects individual attributes, strengths and styles, and expressive preferences to both people and the experiences throughout your SAP SuccessFactors solutions. It enables you to understand and manage your workforce holistically while supporting excellence and growth aspirations of your people.


Attributes Library

Talent Intelligence Hub enables you to maintain people's attributes that are critical for their success. These attributes are stored and maintained in the Attributes Library. Your people can access these attributes and add them to their unique repository of attributes known as the Growth Portfolio.

Growth PortfolioGroup 6

Growth Portfolio

The Growth Portfolio is enhanced by the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to recommend suitable skills for your employees from a range of internal and external data sources e.g. Microsoft Teams.

Talent Intelligence Hub uses AI to build, maintain, and infer a skills portfolio for each employee in the workforce. This depth of insight, using the whole-self model, enables employees to find personalised recommendations for learning courses, mentors, and internal jobs. Organisations benefit from having an overview of employee skills and improved visibility to carry out workforce planning.

Revolutionise your Talent Management Strategy

How Talent Intelligence Hub can help


Nurture talent and foster a culture of growth and innovation by leveraging SAP's Talent Intelligence Hub. Employees actively develop skills aligned with the organisation's goals, empowering them to contribute to innovation and creating an engaging work environment.


Gain deep insights into your workforce through talent analytics, analysing data from the Attributes Library and Growth Portfolio. Make data-driven talent management decisions, identify high-potential employees, address skill gaps, and allocate resources effectively.


Streamline recruitment with powerful candidate sourcing tools. Access candidate data and attributes from the Attributes Library, enabling targeted searches based on skills and competencies. Save time, find qualified candidates, and enhance recruitment success.

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Designed to empower your organisation to fast-track your talent management efforts, Skill Transformation Suite automates elements such as job library analysis, skill library finalisation, bulk imports, attribute mapping, and automated skill tagging. 

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Experience the power of Talent Intelligence Hub and revolutionise your talent management strategy. Gain a competitive advantage, attract top talent, and unleash the full potential of your workforce.

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