SAP SuccessFactors Apps & Integration

Enable digital end-to-end business processes.

HR systems shouldn’t work as a separate entity. You’ll want to ensure yours is connected to and evolves with the rest of your software.

In a modern company there are literally hundreds of non-HR processes that depend on HR data. Therefore, HR cannot just think about its own processes when designing their system landscape. There is a huge responsibility associated with the other internal and external stakeholders, because their work depends on accurate people data, which is owned by HR. At the same time HR needs data from other organizations to run its business processes -- so it is really a "give and take" situation.

Our Apps are a fully digital, enterprise, HANA Cloud solution where you can either use one of our custom applications or in partnership with us develop and deploy an application that extends your existing SAP SuccessFactors learning technology and solutions.

  • Maximize your SAP SuccessFactors investment and address your most demanding business challenges
  • Seamless integration into your existing landscapes: Gain immediate access to the apps from a launchpad enabled with single sign-on
  • Streamlined procurement, designed for the enterprise: Manage the entire lifecycle of your purchases, from license acquisition to user management and renewals, simply and centrally

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