Stay updated with
SAP SuccessFactors
Product Releases

Tap into TalenTeams’s Expertise

Stay updated with
SAP SuccessFactors
Product Releases

Tap into TalenTeams’s Expertise

Twice per year, SAP SuccessFactors releases new features to empower your organisation with the latest tools and enhancements. Organisations need to understand what these new tools are and how they can fit in their environment. TalenTeam expert support ensures seamless integration and optimal utilisation.

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Explore our Release Management Service. 

What are the release dates for SAP SuccessFactors 2024?

For the first half of 2024

Preview window

April 19th - 21st 2024

Official release

May 17th – 19th 2024

For the second half of 2024

Preview window

October 18th – 20th 2024

Official release

November 15th - 17th 2024

TalenTeam can help you with

Detailed assessment of each update’s relevance 
Urgency and overall impact considerations
Seamless integration into your existing system 
Personalised Release Managements workshops 

Maximise ROI with SAP SuccessFactors
Release Management 

With SAP SuccessFactors Release Management Service customers get clear, actionable insights and support to make the most of every update. 

The Release Management service is designed to analyse and evaluate each feature introduced in the semi-annual SAP SuccessFactors updates.

With TalenTeam’s Release Management service you will

Have a smooth and effectively managed update process.
Receive personalised guidance on adapting your system settings to embrace new functionalities.
Acquire information on upcoming features, ensuring they align with your organisation’ s outcomes and initiatives.
Have a detailed assessment and prioritisation of updates tailored to your organisation’s needs thanks to our impact analysis report.

Explore our tailored Release Management workshops  

In the fast-paced world of SAP SuccessFactors, where cross-module enhancements are frequent and innovation is constant, staying ahead requires a proactive approach. 

By joining our workshops led by our SAP SuccessFactors experts you can beat the competition and reach your goals.

With our workshops you can :

  • Discover every detail of SAP SuccessFactors Release and adapt it to your strategy needs.
  • Have a full understanding of the new SAP SuccessFactors updates, categories, and functionalities.
  • Learn how to anticipate the impact of upcoming changes and start mapping out a plan.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

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